Build your home office

We have put together a range of home office furniture arrangements so that you can pick the combination of home office furniture that works for you. Simply click on the arrangement that suits the space that you have available and contains the furniture that you want, choose your cabinet and worktop finish, pick a door finish and colour and then select the handles that you want to go with your furniture.

Our furniture offers a range of workspaces with storage options for a variety of uses such as for computer desktops or folders, and with base units, wall mounted cabinets and tall dressers to maximise use of your home office space.

We make all our furniture here in the UK and so have offer a quick turnaround on all of our orders – rather than wait weeks for furniture to be delivered from abroad, instead we will build your furniture to order here at our factory in the UK and can offer a typical delivery time of 2 weeks from the date that you place your order.

Special Requests

Our range of desks and units combine practicality with style and we have put together our collection of different arrangements to allow you to choose a bespoke solution for any space in your home. There is no need to pay for an interior designer or arrange a design and survey visit for your new home office when you can simply measure the space you have available for your home yourself and chose one of our arrangements below to fit that space.

If you want something different to our arrangements below – perhaps a different base unit or an additional dresser unit or the units to be in different dimensions, please email us at [INSERT ATHOMEWORKS EMAIL ADDRESS WHEN SET UP] and we will provide a price for that special request.

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